Stephen Mellor

Buchanan, Liberia, is where it all started. Then Sheffield, South Yorkshire, before Otterburn, North Yorkshire and back again to Sheffield.  An ancient historian by education whose early writing aspirations were curtailed by family and personal tragedy. But now, the pen is in hand and its systems go. Away from writing there is always Sheffield Wednesday, always. Not to mention still playing the beautiful game, and the now compulsory 'at my age' aching for days after. And singing along to bands with guitars, but never in tune - was once in a musical and told to stand at the back and mime. Sharing my views on the state of the world with friends and whoever will listen through my online Soundtracks. And traveling - you can never see enough new places.  Love the Romans, and small comedy clubs, but the two things aren't connected. And most of all there are two children, now grown up - well sort of - a boy and a girl who amaze, delight, inspire and confuse - but you wouldn't have it any other way - and now a proud member of the Writers Hub @ Kurious Arts.