Feeling Kurious? Join us for exclusive benefits and discounts!

Membership Benefits

At Kurious Arts, we are on a mission to support and showcase pioneering creativity in the North; incubating the development of creative talent within Sheffield and beyond. To get the best of what we have to offer we have two types of membership available with a range of exclusive benefits!


Due to the current Coronavirus Crisis, we have had to put a pause on people accessing the Hub membership in order to comply with Lockdown procedures. 


Kurious Collective:

Become part of our community and receive:
  • 20% discount on all Kurious Events and Services.
  • Discount on Kurious Masterclasses and Workshops.
  • Opportunity for publication and performance via Kurious Press, live scratch events, online promotion and much more.
  • Advice and support on developing your work from initial ideas to production.
  • Opportunity to create your own personal profile page on our website where you can connect to other Kurious Collective members/creatives.
  • Access to members only networking events and socials.

Collective Membership

From £4.99/mo

  • Discount on all Kurious Services
  • Discount on all in-house Kurious events, 
  • Advice and Support
  • ...and more!

Kurious Hub:

Want all the benefits of the Kurious Collective but need a space  to work and develop your craft? Become a Kurious Hub member and receive:

  • Access to a warm, quiet, light & inspiring space to work, with fellow creatives.
  • Access to all previously mentioned Kurious Collective Benefits.
  • A members-only library with practical resources on the Creative Industry
  • A comfortable social area for networking & downtime
  • A communal kitchen with free tea & coffee, plus fridges & microwaves if you want to BYO lunch
  • Access to the building between 9am-8pm, Mon-Fri daily (to be extended to 24-hour access in 2020)


Hub Membership

From £30/mo

  • Access to all prieviously mentioned Kurious Collective Benefits.
  • Access to Kurious Hub facilities
  • And more!