Kurious Arts Presents: The New Wave

A showcase of the best and brightest creativity Sheffield has to offer!

Kurious Arts Presents: The New Wave

The New Wave is a chance for artists and creatives in Sheffield to get their work shown as part of an evening showcase attended by other creatives and industry professionals; showing the best work that Sheffield has to offer.


The first New Wave will be on the 26th March at 7pm in Castle House and we are looking for:
Poets, Authors, Playwrights, Filmmakers, Musicians, Animators and more!
Whatever your medium if it's creative and unique we want to see it!


The showcase itself is free to enter but you must be a member of the Kurious Kollective or Hub to enter.
 For more  information on how to join look here.


To submit please send us a word document including a bio of less than 500 words and a synospis/description of the work (again less than 500 words) as well as the work itself. Regarding the work itself if it's a video/audio file, put it as an unlisted video on youtube and put the link to the content in your document. Feel free to add or link us to any supporting materials which would help. 
The deadline to submit your work for this New Wave is March 9th at 9am. Each piece of work will get up to 15 minutes of allotted time on the evening so please take this into account when sending material.  
Any other questions contact us here.


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  • Entries Open
    Tuesday, 04 February 2020
  • Entries Close
    Monday, 09 March 2020