That's where Kurious Arts comes in!

At Kurious Arts, we have a bunch of services and equipment available to help create your next big idea!

These include:

  • Podcasting (recording, editing and hosting)
  • Filming for events, workshops, shorts, music videos.
  • Self-taping (audio and visual) for auditions/showreels.
  • Music Recording/Production.
  • Post-Production Editing for film, music or podcasts.
  • Studio Space for music, theatre or film rehearsals/auditions/performance
  • Producing Advice/Consultation/Proofreading.
  • And more!

Our in house team can also take you through planning and pre-production in our studio if you're new to making media content, and all our equipment is available to hire independently if you want to have a go at it yourself!

As well as this, if you have a creative event that you want to get off the ground or need space for (e.g. book launch, film screening, theatre performance), we can help you plan/produce and even film your event

Still not convinced? Take a look at all our previous work here!


Podcasting-From £15 an hour.

Filming/Self-Taping-From £15 an hour.

Music Recording/Production-From £15 an hour.

Rehearsal/Performance Space-From £15 an hour.

Extras: (Proofreading/Consultation/Pre/Post Production etc.)-From £15 an hour.

Interested? Then get in touch via the contact form on our website and let's start the conversation!