Today’s Soundtrack: Paint tin on a piano. Been quite a day - son declared I was the fifth most intelligent person he knew. On first review I was happy to take that, never having seen myself as a brain of Britain. But - there's always a but and sometimes its because you ask the questions that with hindsight you wish you never asked - I was less happy when I learnt of my closest rivals. Because in third sits Phil Collins, and in fourth, is a void. Yep, a void, no one, not a sausage, a position left pending just in case he meets someone in the future. Nice to know he has ambition. So what did I do on receiving this news? Did I sulk, did I run off and study to increase my ranking? No. I spotified the said Mr Collins and after only one verse and chorus of susususususuuuuuuussudio I have to say, it's a fair cop.