It's blogging time - again. Kind of loses it impact when you add again, or is it just me? It normlly is, just me. Oh, stop it, yes, you, at the back, stop it. Don't think, I can't tell the difference between sympathy and being patronised. Sorry? What did you say? Oh, really? Well now I'm sorry too, we're all sorry. Hang on, that reminds me of a song. Just like yesterday, when I quoted Meat Loaf's two out of three ain't bad.

In my defence not only was was I being factually correct but it was the first time in decades I've quoted Mr Loaf. Don't judge me, it could have happened to any of us. It all started so innocently, with a bit of Monty Python here and a bit there. Go on, the cool kids said, try it, just a little of the Spanish Inquisition. Feels good doesn't it. Now do it again. And I did. Little did I know that those cool kids in the playground with their quick and accurate repititions were just the start of something far worse. Not before long I was quoting Blackadder, Rocky, Showwaddywaddy, before spiralling into Fun Boy Three, and from there it was only a short, inevitable descent into the embrace of the unforgiving Meat.

I'm getting that look again from Joe and Letty, and their familiar taping of their watches when in my presence - watch batteries it is for birthday presents. They want to know why the Loaf quote? Because I was excited. And I just couldn't hide it. We had confirmed 2 out of the 3 slots for March's filming On The Stairs, and the other slot will be filled very soon. Then it will be on with the logistics, and on with planning for April's filming. Yep, even I knew it was tenuous as soon as I said it.

But if you fancy joining a cellist, a choir, a singer songwriter, a spoken word artist, and a few writers in the growing portfolio of performers who have already displayed or about to display their wares on our iconic spiral staircase, then get in touch. We might draw the line at a Meat Loaf tribute but then again, I will if you will.

And today's soundtrack? Its Brian Fallon's Watson, but also pretty much anything of his or The Gaslight Anthem.

ps get in touch through the opportunities section of the website or through the Kurious Arts tweeter page.