There's no denying this situation is bloody awful, especially for those who are completely alone in isolation or those who have lost loved ones or fallen victim to the virus. Living in a perpetual state of uncertainty takes its toll, but as the adage goes, every cloud... We have been forced to stop. Really stop. And in doing so we have had time to reflect on who and what really matters. We are learning just how reliant we are on each other and the true value of kindness and community - identifying who the key workers actually are, and reassessing how they should be treated 'in real life'. We are contemplating how, with whom and on what we spend our time.

I've found myself reconnecting to much-missed old friends, having zoom-athons with my far-flung family from all sides of the globe. I've discovered new from-my-doorstep walks & marvelled at the bustling bees & butterflies, so happy in their pollution-free paradise. I've rediscovered old recipes, neglected hobbies & let's be honest, TELLY. As the days plod on, I'm going to tackle those when-I-have-time projects, conquer that pile of unread books and tell the people I love, that I love them until they're bored to tears of hearing it.

This week's prompts were an attempt to boost morale, spread some positivity & encourage us to express gratitude for what we do have. Because we are rich comrades, we are rich. Our favourite responses this week were...

Worried, crazed                                                                                                                           I am fearful full                                                                                                                         But then I hear his footfall                                                                                             Making the floorboards creak upstairs                                                                               And my heart fills full                                                                                                           Beat beating.                                                                                                                           He's still here                                                                                                                         He's still here                                                                                                                         He's still here

@TheFailureBaler (who's husband is a NHS frontline worker)

Simple thing really. I want to drive to the Anglesey coast and look at the sea. Might just grab some fish and chips and eat them out of the wrapper on rhosneigr beach. @sgmellorwriter

Swap the shagpile carpet to the lush feel of grass under my feet…..the_stilling_place

Hug my mother who is living alone without a pet through this. mharthurs

Starts with pancakes, taking my little boy swimming again (small pleasures), swinging by a well known chocolate shop to buy my body weight in chocs! Pub lunch (remember those?!) long dog walk, hell maybe even two, big fat takeaway (maybe two?). It’s pretty much all food related! @NatashaCDavies