How on earth are you doing?

Team Kurious is finding it all a TINY BIT WEIRD, as if we've collectively stepped into an extended episode of Black Mirror, or the latest Margaret Atwood novel. But we won't let that get in our way of mission to keep you creative & connected. Our main tactic is to create as much online content as possible - webinars, masterclasses, meet ups & feedback sessions, as well as a host of new challenges & opportunities. Here's what's on the menu so far (yum)

First up is The Virtual Writers Cafe on Wednesdays. It's a chance for writers to catch up, see some friendly faces, tell us what you're working on & maybe set some targets so we can help you stay on track. For the scriptwriters out there, we've got ScriptLab coming in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can start writing that memoir with Anne Grange's Memoir Writing Webinar for a cool ten pounds - because if now's not the time, I don't know when is. If there's anything specific you're keen for us to programme, please let me know & I'll do my damnedest to get it on.

We've launched a series of daily prompts on Instagram to give you a bit of structure, and will be publishing our favourite entries regularly here on the Kurious Blog. If you've got anything you want to share or submit - either from the prompts, or just from your back catalogue, (word count circa 500) please email it to me - We'd also love to hear your thoughts on/experiences of lockdown, and are toying with the idea of creating The Quarantine Chronicles via Kurious Press, so if you've got anything along those lines, send it on over.

Nearly there! We're offering free feedback on works-in-progress (script or prose). If you want to take us up on this, email an outline of the project and up to 10 pages & we'll allocate the right person for the job.

FINALLY! We're going to launch THREE NEW COMPETITIONS next week - one script-based, one novel & one podcast. I'll update you once we're up & jogging.

If you need anything in the meantime, just email me -

Stay safe, sane & strong comrades x