Well I don't know about you but it turns out I need to feel needed. Thinking up these prompts, scouting for pics & reaping the rewards of your writing as a result is keeping me going, and adding much-needed raison d'etre to these strange days. So here's a massive THANK YOU to all of you who're contributing & adding gemstones of literary lightness to my lockdown life.

Here are some of our favourites from the last fortnight:

I keep a small museum in a box beneath my bed. It has 3 things in it; a stone, a red glass shard, a slender, dry rabbit bone. They say the soul of a dragon is chained in those three things. I’ve been waiting a long time for him to stir.

Last night I dreamed of fire. Joanna Hastings

There is nothing to forgive. That was the last thing she had said to me. I remember turning and walking away. Empty. She would never admit the pain and hurt she had caused. My resolution, the conclusion to years of hope. No forgetting, no reciprocal revenge. Just silence. Natasha Davies

Grief left me hollow really.  It was like the core had gone away, with  the skin left unblemished on the outside, rosy even, normal enough for people to think I was unchanged. Inside the cave gave an increasingly larger echo, reverberating by the hour. TheFailureBaler

Watching black shapes pass against a blacker sky, flickers of light as farmhouses come and go, stars overhead like the one fixed part of the wheeling world, I know I’ve done the right thing. A new beginning. A new name. A new life. This train is my psychopomp. Joanna Hastings

Well now that had been a shock. It wasn’t the cat as I had initially suspected, causing a midnight commotion in the garden. It was the neighbour, scaling the fence, climbing on the shed to get to the underwear hanging on my washing line. Big pants are her thing. Apparently. Natasha Davies

Insomnia in

The chaos of my brain

Is not soothed by dark

Not soothed by day

It is perceptibly

Formed that way

I let it be

Wrap it in the blankets of my fears

And wait for morning TheFailureBaler

There’s a ghost light shines on moonless nights, there in the middle of the woods. Don’t go close, don’t be drawn in. Millennia ago this was a sea but that was before humankind. How could a lighthouse shine? But it does, and the things it signals to are not of this world. Joanna Hastings

'Tomorrow’ she said, ‘that’s when you can kiss me.’

I said, ‘but tomorrow, it’s a foreign land. Today is all we have & all we can depend upon.’

She said, ‘but I need tomorrow. Tomorrow is life, or proof of it at least. What are we without it?’

I said nothing, nor did I kiss her. I was tired, and I believed her. Or at least I wanted to. In my head I whispered I love you, and watched a while as she slept. In the morning she was gone. We never had tomorrow. Stephen Mellor

Cheers to the morrow



Softly removed from our now

Lighter, somehow TheFailureBaler

Keep them coming you lovely lot. And THANK YOU. Letty x